VeCS Design Rules


We start focussing on components that have an array type of setting such as a BGA, Connectors, etc.


Our latest design VeCS rules and applications document can be found here.


Check out our Application notes on different package type and how VeCS can assist you in higher performing designs.


0,35mm staggered BGA
0,5mm high I/O count BGA
Xilinx FLGA 2892









One of the additional advantages of VeCS is the use for stitching; layer switching in order to use ortogonal routing. The objective of ortogonal routing to route trace in one direction per layer and not have routing in multiple directions per layer.

Please check out the application note on the sticthing topic.

Transpararent layer transition


Pressfit application


VeCS can be used for connectors as well. This is not yet characterized in terms of pressfit force characteristics.

Pressfit example


If you want more details please contact us if you have interest in starting to work with VeCS.