VeCS and CAD

When we started developing VeCS technology we had next to our CAM tool only Zuken CR8000 as a design system that could handle VeCS technology.


In the meantime all major EDA houses have a solution for handling VeCS technology or are working on it.




A paper Vertical_Conductive_Structure_In_Allegro.pdf from Cadence is decribing how to use VeCS in Allegro.


The following design systems we have used/worked with to make succesfull design trials in how to use VeCS. 

If you want to know more about VeCS and CAD systems please contact us on




Below is a video showing the VeCS technology in the Zuken CR-8000 system. The video is courtesy from Zuken.

Zuken demonstrated the use of VeCS technology in their new CR-8000 3D CAD system. You can use it in a 2D o