VeCS and CAD Systems

At the moment there are at least 3 design system vendors that can handling VeCS. The systems are not optimized at this stage but with more and more designs coming to the market it will put more pressure on the CAD system vendors to optimize their products.


The following systems are able to handle VeCS.




The following video is showing the use of VeCS in the Siemens EDA Xpedition system.









A paper Vertical_Conductive_Structure_In_Allegro.pdf from Cadence is decribing how to use VeCS in Allegro.


The following design systems we have used/worked with to make succesfull design trials in how to use VeCS. 

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Below is a video showing the VeCS technology in the Zuken CR-8000 system. The video is courtesy from Zuken.

Zuken demonstrated the use of VeCS technology in their new CR-8000 3D CAD system. You can use it in a 2D or 3D modus.