Automatic depth detection during back drilling

(Closed Loop Backdrilling - CLBD)


Layer thickness variance causes variance in a panel, in a batch and between batches resulting in the signal performance to vary as well. Using an automatic depth detection during the backdrilling proces we can give a more consistent result.


Unique properties of Closed Loop Backdrilling


No more depth setting for backdrilling. The drill machine is detecting the layer it needs to stop.


No more depth measurements for verification.


No more variance in stub length between holes, boards and suppliers.


The technology is used for life boards / backplanes with 100% yield/result.


Requirement for CLBD is that the drill machine is using contact drilling. 


The Closed loop back drilling invention is filed in 2004 as a US patent (7.096.555) and granted in 2006.The patent is Free To Operate.





NextGIn Technology can assist in setting up your design and fabrication process to get the best stub length on connector and via holes.


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